Automotive Showroom

RYOT Studios - Industry Partners Project

Creative VR Lead, 3D Modeling, Level Design, Animations, Programmer
Project Timeline:
3 Weeks
This Automotive Showroom VR App offers a unique, immersive, and stimulating experience that captures the customers attention and draws them into key features - completely disrupting the car shopping experience. By allowing the user to visualize “real-life” scaled 3D renderings of purchasable vehicles, the customer is able to solidify opinions in a more tangible and interactive way.
Team Size:  
Four XRTerra Students
Robo McSales
A robotic sales man helps the user throughout their buying experience. You can even poke at him when he gets too annoying! 
VR Interactions: 
- Grab cars from interactions desk and throw them 
- Highlighting car parts: body, wheels and engine
- Teleport around car and into driver seat within car
- Change car paint colors
- Rotate car on platform
- Change car rims
World Selection / Loading Screen
The user can select different environments by selecting the floating pieces of land behind them. These lead to a loading screen and the next environment.
The application included four different environments which we directly related to the type of cars that we selected. 
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